Start Your Career with Foreign Language, Most Opportunities in this Language


With the expansion of the media, the demand for foreign language experts has also increased rapidly. In the era of globalization, translation and editing of journals is giving people a good opportunity to work as a private business. Foreign language experts are handling reporting for foreign media from India itself. Be it call centers or foreign electronic media, foreign language experts are doing their work from the country itself. The demand of people who know foreign languages ​​in India is not available as many people. In such a situation, the possibilities available in this field can be easily estimated.Be it French or Germany, Spanish or Chinese, all these foreign languages ​​have a lot of career opportunities. But at present the youth is seeing more attachment towards French language. Because the European language which has the most importance in the world after English is French. Certificates, diplomas, degrees in French language have immense career possibilities. According to experts, the importance of French language courses has increased rapidly due to globalization.

Foreign embassies, corporate sector, translators in French companies, French language experts in government departments, French language in media sector have better career opportunities. Youth can authentically work in good positions in multinational companies with the knowledge of language. They can open their own coaching, job in hospitality. This can lead to air hostess, guide or escorting in tourism, teacher in school, professor in college, translator in multinational company.

Educational Qualification

One has to pass 12th to do any foreign language course. After this, youth can learn foreign languages ​​from certificate to diploma courses. For example, diploma and degree courses can also be done after a three-month certificate course in French.

Basic skills

Strong knowledge of any language helps in your success. Those who come forward to make a career in a foreign language, who have a good hold on the language and their emotional attachment with it. By the way, it is necessary to have better communication capability in the candidate. If you want to become a translator, then you should catch English or Hindi along with foreign language. The foreign language you are learning, you will benefit only if you know the grammar, sentence structure and the culture associated with it.

The possibilities

The demand for foreign language experts is increasing day by day. In cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurugram, centers of information technology, there is a great demand for young people with knowledge of foreign languages. They find work as translators or interpreters. You can also become guides of foreign tourists or join foreign language experts in embassies. Tourist guides or tour operators are needed for the rapid expansion of the tourism industry in the country and millions of foreign tourists coming every year.

Increasing popularity of mandarin

Apart from the east, Mandarin (Chinese) is becoming increasingly popular among the youth in the west as well. Its population is also a major reason for learning Chinese language. While only 400 million people speak Spanish, the language of more than 100 crore people is Chinese. In China, 70 percent of people themselves speak Mandarin.

Mandarin is taught at the Chinese Embassy in the capital, Delhi. Specific information can be obtained from the Embassy website. A Mandarin course is also available at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. If you want, you can learn Mandarin under the Center for Chinese and South East Asian Studies. Apart from this, Mandarin can also be learned at the India-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mumbai. Not only this, The School of Chinese Language of Kolkata also works to teach this language.

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